Open Data Day Finland 2024

The Open Data Day is a global distributed hackathon taking place on 2.-8.3.2024. Our goal is to bring together people to work/hack around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is the website of the Finnish participating local event, organized by Open Knowledge Finland.

Your goal is to create a project about the SDGs. You are free to choose your SDG (or even several), your medium and your goals. You might be information visualizers out to create a striking poster for gender equality or you might be software developers helping consumers choose affordable and clean energy. Or economists writing a blog post about the economic impact of domestic violence.

All kinds of projects are welcome!

Great, how do I join?

First, you need a team. If you have one already, great! If not, join our Discord server and ask around on #teambuilding.

Second, you need an idea. We have a whole bunch here, but feel free to join the Discord server and brainstorm on #brainstorming.

Third, you need to get started. If you already have a plan, great! We still provide mentoring on #mentoring on the Discord server. If not, ask us for a channel of your own on #help and we’ll create one on the server so you can get started.

What’s in it for me?

Our primary goal is to bring people together and if we manage to do that, we’re happy!

That being said, the Open Knowledge Finland board will review all projects teams have made and has put aside 1,000 € to reward the best ones. We also reserve the right to not pay out any rewards.

The best projects will also be showcased on the global Open Data Day website.

How do I learn more?

Join the Discord or ask the organizers at!